Low energy consumption
  Green, efficient and mobile application

High energy density and driving power
  Light weight, solid and compact size

No complex mechanical parts
  Cost-saving monoblock and integration

Robust and resistant plastics
  Resilient, enduring design with sensoric function

Convenient operation
  Maintenance and noise free



Manual_CT25_2_Polymer_Actuator.pdf (25.01.2019)


Technical data

Maximum operating voltage 1200 V
Tested insulation voltage 1350 V, 60 min
Maximum charge/discharge current 100 mA
Maximum active deformation up to 4% of length
Maximum active force 9 N

Typical Actuator
Order code CT25.2-15-15-L20
Overall dimensions 16 x 16 x 20 mm
Maximum active displacement 0.7 mm
Weight  4.5 g